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St Peter's Vision jigsaw puzzle, Kickstarter project

Be one of the first to receive St Peter's Vision 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle... and, one of the first to support jigsaw puzzles from Trinity Paintbox.
St Peter's Vision is the first puzzle we will produce with many more to come. Artist Bob Booth has been the inspiration behind Trinity Paintbox, his paintings are a result of his exploratory creative process where images emerge from the marks he makes on the canvas.
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With the world going crazy for jigsaw puzzles, we wanted to create a puzzle with meaning. Our Dad described, with passion and energy, his reasons for painting St Peter's Vision. In a world where division and otherness is plastered over the news and social media, the story of St Peter's Vision brings a simple yet profound message; inclusion and non judgement. We looked at the painting, then looked some more, such a fun and mesmerizing piece of art. It was then we decided it should be made into a puzzle. It would be a puzzle that included a biblical story. Many people will already know it, others will not be familiar.
St Peter's Vision jigsaw puzzle. painting by Bob Booth

Bible stories brought to life in beautiful jigsaw puzzles

"I found completing the sample for our project totally addictive. At times it was hard to tear myself away or feed my children. I would say I was just about fully functioning over the days I was working on it. By the time it was done I still woke up expecting to have more pieces to put into place. The disappointment was real but I know there will always be more puzzles." - Emily Booth (Hill), Trinity Paintbox Founder 
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