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  • Artist Bob Booth reveals his thought processes and the narrative that guides him to produce these masterpieces in our reflections blog.
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Bob Booth is a successful artist, a skillful teacher and inspiring public speaker. He has experience speaking in public through his ministerial work as an Anglican priest, at cathedrals, speaking at exhibitions and at schools. This skill is essential when producing engaging and captivating workshops that not only teach skills but inspire a new way of thinking.

    Soon we will release FREE workshops that take you on a journey of discovery. Imagine a painting technique which opens doors to endless possibilities. A technique which offers you an escape from the limitations of trying to reproduce an image. Bob makes this a reality as his technique neither depends on what is in front of you, nor what you can see, nor does it depend on the extent of your imagination.“The greatest possibilities of the painting are not found in your intentions but in your ignorance.” - Bob Booth.




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