Creative exercises for every month

Find Freedom in 3D

This is a new course for 2020. The exercises will be posted to our Facebook group from the 1st of the month as well as to our Instagram page.

You won't need to be familiar with sculpture to try these exercises. They range from playing with items at home to creating with Paper Mache as well as painting objects. We hope you will enjoy the exercises.  Post as many or as few as you like. Join our Facebook group to take part and share your work. Our group is open to all skill levels and is very friendly and encouraging.

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No expensive supplies needed. Use what you have at home or buy kids craft supplies. These are experimental exercises 👉 pencils, acrylic paints, charcoal, paper, pen and glue.

Exercise 1

Create a robot sculpture
This is our first exercise for Finding Freedom in 3D. It’s a nice easy exercise taken from The National Galleries of Scotland #arttogether
🤖 Create a robot sculpture from items in your kitchen.

Exercise 2

Create a soap sculpture
👉Find a cheap bar of soap to create this simple sculpture.
👉 I used tools I found around the house, a butter knife was the most useful and a skewer.
👉 I chose a simple design I found on Pinterest as inspiration.
👉 I kept the design simple as the soap did flake. I found I couldn't help but spend a bit of time on this, it's very addictive!
🎬 Here's the video 👉

Exercise 3

Create a sculpture out of household objects
👉Find a chair and create an abstract sculpture from sheets and objects around the house.
👉 When putting it together, I thought about shapes and colours rather than what the objects themselves were.
🎬 Here's a link to the video 👉

Exercise 4

 Kusama inspired photo

This exercise is inspired by Yayoi Kusama and her obsession with polka dots.
👉Use polka dots on fruit or an object to photograph creatively.
👉 I used little pom poms to paint them on with.
👉 I thought I’d photograph it in front of my tiny potted lemon tree 🍋

Exercise 5

Paper MACHE sculpture of a hippo

This exercise is a lot more involved then some of our previous ones.
👉 I used a cardboard roll with masking tape, newspaper, glue and scissors.
👉I found an image of a hippo to use as a reference, the one I found was on the pixabay website.
👉 I cut the cardboard roll down to a size that I thought was suitable for a body. I then cut small flaps where I wanted the legs to go.
👉 On a seperate piece of the cardboard roll, I cut out the what was going to be the head, a small square piece at the top, a long snout and a wide rectangle at the bottom. I used the curve of the roll to my advantage .
👉 Once these basic shapes were ready, I used scrunched up newspaper and masking tape to create the rest of the sculpture. This helped give it volume.
👉 I also moulded the sculpture with my hands to help get the shapes I wanted.
👉 Once I was happy, I ripped up strips of newspaper and used pva glue to stick pieces all over the hippo, I was very generous with the glue.
👉 I then painted the sculpture white, I think I will paint a pattern or something like that on it later.
🎬 Here's the video 👉

Exercise 6

 Painting a paper mache hippo

👉 In this exercise I paint my paper mache sculpture. I painted it in three stages.
👉 I started with blue as a base colour, then I painted coloured shapes and then I painted patterns on to it.
🎬Here's the video 👉

Exercise 7

 This exercise is to be done over a few days. Find a container and paint a different image on each side.

👉 I found a painting that inspired me, this one is by Elaine de kooning.
👉 I stuck canvas paper on a box I found. I was going to prime it with ceiling paint but opted for the quicker option.
👉 I used acrylic with medium and attempted to copy the free flowing marks.

Exercise 8

Origami paper crane with a bit of artistic flavour.
This is our final exercise before next months course.
👉 Make an origami paper crane. If you need instructions on how to make it, I've included it in the video. You can also find instructions on wikiHow or google will help.
👉 I decided to cut into the crane to change it from a standard one. I cut into the wings as well as the neck and tail.
👉 I painted some basic patterns onto it.
👉 Be as adventurous as you like. It might take a couple of goes to get the folding technique down.
🎬 Here's the video 👉