Creative exercises for every month

Drawing with Scissors

A new updated course for 2020. The exercises will be posted to our Facebook group from the 1st of the month as well as to our Instagram page.

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from trying to draw or paint, Inspired by Matisse's cut-outs we pick up scissors and glue to create some great artworks. The exercises are varied and will hopefully challenge you. Our group is open to all skill levels and is very friendly and encouraging.

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Exercise 1

 ✂️ Grab some scissors and have a go at your own version of this collage.

“In addition to his bold innovations in painting and sculpture, Matisse produced several extraordinary artists’ books, the majority of which were made after a bout with intestinal cancer in 1941 that left him largely bedridden. This plate is one of twenty made
to illustrate his groundbreaking book Jazz. Despite its musical title—likely named for the experimental, improvisational nature of its compositions—the book’s dominant themes are the circus and theater. The illustrations derive from maquettes of cut and pasted colored papers, which were printed using a stencil technique known as pochoir.” (
Henri Matisse, Lagoon (Le Lagon) from Jazz

Exercise 2

cut out shapes from a magazine
👉 I found an image that had dark colours
👉 I cut out shapes inspired by a pot plant in my house
👉 I stuck it onto a light coloured phone book page for contrast

Exercise 3

Cut strips from a magazine and rearrange them. I cut strips from a few magazines and a book. I shuffled them around a bit until I liked what I saw!

Exercise 4

Text collage✂️
I ended up using text for this collage of some bush land. I was trying to avoid just cutting out sky and bushes from magazines.
✂️ it is a good exercise in identifying the basic shapes and colours 😊

Exercise 5

This exercise is all about the face. Cut out parts of faces and whatever else takes your fancy. This collage was done by my 9 year old daughter, I loved it so much I had to post it 😊


Exercise 6

Combine images to create a new scene
I found a few images of scenes that I thought would look interesting to put together.
I cut and overlapped some other images, I think it worked.

Exercise 7

Create a surreal landscape ✂️

I picked up a book on Tuscany and a pictorial history book from a thrift shop as collage supplies. The bees 🐝 are from National Geographic.
👉Choose a landscape and add in your own elements.
Check out @julienpacaud and on Instagram for some inspiration 👌