Creative exercises for every month

Abstraction Distraction

This is a new course for 2020. The exercises will be posted to our Facebook group from the 1st of the month as well as to our Instagram page.

Abstract art can really help you to loosen up in your figurative work. It allows you to focus on some of the basics like colour and composition without getting caught up in the subject. We hope you enjoy it!

We hope you will enjoy the exercises. There will be approximately 8 posted over the month. Post as many or as few as you like. Join our Facebook group to take part and share your work. Our group is open to all skill levels and is very friendly and encouraging.

Abstract art, thought about, think about, what is it? This video has a great brief explanation.

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No expensive supplies needed. Use what you have at home or buy kids craft supplies. These are experimental exercises 👉 pencils, acrylic paints, charcoal, paper, pen and glue.

Exercise 1

I found this exercise helpful for getting my head in the abstract frame of mind.
👉 I first drew a quick sketch of some round objects, dirty cups and plates on my kitchen bench came in handy.
👉 I used this sketch as inspiration for a more abstract pastel sketch.
👉 I liked the patterns from the plates and decided to just copy them without drawing the plates.
👉 I just went with the flow on this one!

Exercise 2

Mixed technique— I was going to work on this some more but the cat stepped on it so then I had that to deal with 🙀no cool cat prints unfortunately. I have used acrylic paint on canvas paper.
👉 choose a simple subject to paint (feel free to use my tree photo).
👉Apply your paint with a palette knife or cloth. Something that will stop you from trying too hard.
👉 choose a couple of colours then water them down a little so you can flick or dribble them over your painting. I waited for my initial black paint to dry but you don’t have to.
🎨I hope you have fun with this one 🎨

Exercise 3

Experimental painting
I found an old bed sheet and stuck a small piece of it down on some cardboard. I watered down my acrylic paint and watched how it spread through the fibres of the sheet. I then added some thicker paint to see the contrast and mucked around a bit with it.
Would love to see what other ideas you have for putting paint on.

Exercise 4

 Simple yet effective

👉All I did for this abstract painting was put blobs of 3 different colours down the side of some cardboard.
👉 I took a long strip of cardboard and dragged it across, this left 3 coloured stripes.
👉 I then dragged the long strip of cardboard across, diagonally then downward.
👉 I was so pleased with this result 😊

Exercise 5

Uses for crumpled paper
I used 3 different colours, red, yellow and burnt umber. I dipped a crumpled bit of paper in the paint and smeared it as best I could across my primed cardboard. I enjoyed the process and effect ☺️