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How to Critique Art on Facebook

  How to write a short critique for Facebook artists
  • Do your best to understand what the artist is trying to achieve, so your comments can move the artist closer to their goal. Is the artist wanting to create an abstract painting or a  figurative one? Your comments would be very different depending on the goal.
  • It’s more helpful to comment on the painting as a whole then little details. You can point out areas of the painting that are disjointed, if the perspective is working or not, if they’re drawing form, whether their brushstrokes need to go around the form. It's really important to point out the areas that are working too, e.g. whether the large shapes created in the painting pull the work together, whether the colours work together, what the texture brings to the painting.
  • Keep it short, maybe pick one or two things to comment on.
  • Start with what you like about it and end with an encouraging comment.

      How to accept a critique of your work

      • Don’t take the comment personally, the comment is about your work, not you. Not everyone will like your style of painting and that’s ok.
      • You can decide whether it's constructive or not, the person who is critiquing your work may not understand your goal for your painting, and their advice may contradict this.
      • If there is a part of the painting you’re stuck on, ask specifically for advice on that part, e.g, any comments on how to improve my composition are welcome.
      • You can give feedback to the person critiquing your work, whether their comment was helpful or not and why.
      • Feedback on your art is a great way to see how your work impacts others and some can be valuable in improving your artwork.
      • Critique can help you move forward with your work. A different perspective can open your eyes to new ideas and possibilities. It's a fantastic learning tool.
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