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Here is a list of our favourite online resources. They are all FREE! 

We often use these websites as inspiration for the exercises we post to our Facebook group and Instagram. If you are looking for FREE art exercises please join us Our April Course is 10 Minutes of Drawing a Day

Khan Academy Smart History

For a structured approach to learning art history Khan Academy has an online course. If you log in you can keep track of your progress. (This is a substantial FREE educational resource for High School Students also).

Google Arts and Culture

A large collection of articles and images. There is an app available for your device and you can create your own collections to refer to later.


A visual art encyclopedia.

The National Gallery of Australia

If you're looking to learn more about Australian Art you will find numerous articles  here.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The link I've provided is for the hundreds of free ebooks that you can read online. If you explore the website thoroughly you'll find so much more. There are lots of interesting videos for you to watch here.

The National Gallery

England's National Gallery is another great resource. Scroll down the homepage to see what they have on offer.



Photopea is a photo editing program which is availbe to use online.


I use Canva for creating social media posts, banners (including the one on this blog post) and photo collages. This is FREE and also has some paid features.


Gimp has similar capabilities to Photoshop and is a free downloadable program.