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Here is a list of our favourite online resources. They are all FREE! 

We often use these websites as inspiration for the exercises we post to our Facebook group and Instagram. If you are looking for FREE art exercises please join us Our April Course is 10 Minutes of Drawing a Day

2020 Art Competions Perth WA

2020 Art Competions Perth WA

2020 Art Competitions for Perth, Western Australia. This list is not all inclusive. If you think I have left any important ones out please don't hesistate to let me know by email.
Why abstract art is important for non abstract artists

Why abstract art is important for non abstract artists

By Phoebe Booth It’s an exciting moment when you discover something in your art that takes it to the next level. For me, learning a few abstract sk...

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein

Join us for exercises that allow your creative juices to flow. A great way to keep you out of a rut and take inspiration from your fellow artists. Our courses are FREE and run on our Facebook group. You can browse our website for all our previous courses too. Enjoy!

Painting for a themed art competition

You will come to see the importance of avoiding the ‘safe’ path.


Y'all, this has been a great way to spend a dreary cold January here in Kentucky, getting to chat and learn from all of you all over the world. Phoebe and Emily, Thank you both so much for this FB group, Trinity Paintbox, and this class. You teach in a way that feels so natural and makes learning so much fun. I cannot express enough how my skills have increased this short month. I kind of dread this being the last day! Can't wait for the next class. Thanks again.